If you are looking for painless removal of unwanted body hair, laser hair removal with Diolaze XL is the safest, pain-free, and most effective solution. It is an FDA-approved advanced laser hair removal procedure that works gently and safely to eliminate unwanted hair permanently. A perfect mix of efficacy, comfort, and speed, Diolaze XL is one of the best laser hair removal methods available in the marketplace.

Merits of Diolaze XL

Now don’t worry about waxing or shaving your hands or legs, and enjoy professional laser hair removal treatment from Diolaze XL at Arizona Skin Institute. The benefits include:

  • Fast and Efficient Hair Removal

It eliminates hair growth quickly and evenly, delivering impressive results. A session takes only 20 to 30 minutes, and you can enjoy 100% results in fewer sessions.

  • Pain-Free and Safe

It is pain-free and safe for all skin types. The sapphire tip and 3PC cooling keep your skin calm and comfortable, preventing damage and burning of the skin. There will be no scarring and no need for recovery time.

  • Offers Permanent Hair Removal

It targets the hair follicles to eliminate hair growth and offers permanent hair removal. Now you no longer have to wax or shave your treated body parts. It is an excellent hair removal choice for people of all ages and genders and powerful enough to remove even the highly stubborn hair follicles.

The Diolaze XL Hair Removal Process

The Diolaze hair-removal system goes deep and deactivates hair follicles. The sapphire 3CP tip of Diolaze XL soothes the epidermis, providing a more comfortable hair-removal experience. It removes hair from all areas without damaging the skin and is also a good choice for sizable areas such as your legs or back.

The laser hair-removal professional uses a handheld appliance to navigate laser energy over treatment areas. It delivers precisely controlled laser beams into follicle roots and neutralizes them, ultimately deactivating them from growing back.

The hair removal procedure requires a person to receive multiple treatment sessions to ensure complete hair removal. It works best when hair follicles are in their mature stage. However, at any given time, your hair is in various growth stages and requires multiple treatments to target hair in its growth phase. The number of sessions needed for complete hair removal depends on the treatment area, hair thickness, type, and skin tone.

Diolaze XL is exceptionally safe to remove hair from most of the face and the entire body. You can even get multiple body parts treated in a single session of laser hair removal. Experience painless laser hair removal treatment at Arizona Skin Institute and return to your regular daily routine the same day.

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