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What is skin cancer treatment?

Skin cancer treatment is actually a family of procedures used to treat skin cancer, ranging from surface treatments and minimally-invasive approaches to surgical intervention. There are different risks and benefits of each procedure, and the best solution will be selected based on the type, location, and stage of your skin cancer. Leading dermatologist Dr Jay Mehta has been serving Surprise and Phoenix, AZ with cutting-edge skin care for years. At Arizona Skin Institute, we offer a wide variety of therapies that can help to eradicate skin cancer. 

Types of Treatments

Arizona Skin Insitute in Surprise, AZ offers the following skin cancer therapies:

Photodynamic therapy destroys skin cancer through a combination of specialized drugs and light-based treatment

Cryosurgery uses liquid nitrogen to freeze and destroy harmful skin cells

Electrodesiccation and curettage uses a blade to shave off skin tissue and then a type of burning technique to remove cancerous cells

Excision uses a specialized medical tool to surgically remove abnormal skin tissue and lesions

Intralesional chemotherapy uses a drug that is injected directly into the cancerous tumor

next steps

Once your diagnosis has been confirmed, Dr Metha will go over all of your treatment options in detail during a follow-up exam. During this time, he'll review the pros and cons of each procedure and provide his recommendation of which therapy he thinks is best to address the type, stage, and location of your skin cancer. After reviewing your options with you, he'll build a custom treatment program, and we'll schedule your treatment(s) accordingly. 

see a professional today

If you have recently been diagnosed with skin cancer, suspect a skin abnormality, or are seeking a second opinion, then reach out to Arizona Skin Institute in Surprise, AZ. Dr Mehta is a seasoned dermatologist who has years of extensive experience in treating skin cancer. We invite anyone who lives in the Phoenix metropolitan area to get in touch with our office today.

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