A wart is a common skin lesion often seen on the hands, fingers, and feet. Warts tend to look like little fleshy peas, but they may differ in size and color. It’s also normal for warts to develop in clusters near the knees and elbows. Warts are a symptom of HPV, otherwise known as the human papillomavirus. Although warts are harmless for the most part, they may be unsightly and bothersome. Store-bought wart removal treatments are usually not enough, which is why it may be necessary to see a seasoned skincare professional. Leading dermatologist Dr. Jay Mehta provides medical wart treatment and removal at his office in Surprise, AZ. If you have a wart you’d like removed, schedule an appointment with Dr. Mehta at Arizona Skin Institute in the Greater Phoenix area.


Warts are caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). They are usually spread from person-to-person through skin-to-skin contact. Warts can also be caused by contact with unsanitary objects, such as exercise equipment, clothes, or a dirty towel. It’s easier to attain warts through a cut or scrape in the skin, so areas that are regularly shaved (the legs, face, or the armpits) are at increased risk.


After your first treatment, warts can reoccur, so it’s necessary to get the best treatment to reduce outbreaks. Freezing a wart is a common form of treatment. With this method, Dr. Mehta uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart away. A blister will develop around it, and the dead skin cells will fall off within a week. Another popular treatment is applying cantharidin, a chemical that causes the wart to blister, dry up, and then flake off. Electrosurgery or cryotherapy can also be used, as well as scraping with a curette or removing the wart through surgical excision. Laser treatments, chemical peels, immunotherapy, or bleomycin injections may also be used for warts that are difficult to remove.


Though many warts are harmless, you may want them removed for cosmetic reasons. Instead of wasting money on over-the-counter treatments, get your wart(s) checked out by a trained practitioner like Dr. Mehta. He will examine the wart(s) and determine the best course of action. Contact Arizona Skin Institute in Surprise, AZ, near Phoenix, to schedule a consultation to treat existing warts and learn how to reduce future outbreaks.